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Moses Hernandez

I'm Moses Hernandez, I've been working with Computers, Networks, Technology, and Information Security the mid-nineties. I have a passion and drive for all things machine.

Moses Hernandez is a Infrastructure Engineer at a large company. He is responsible for all things Linux and Networking in a DevOps role. In the past he has been a IT Security Architect or IT Archiect  for several large organizations and a few startups. In the past 15 years he has conducted deep dives into many aspects of IT and Computing and has managed teams of 20+ people. Moses Hernandez is also a Community Instructuor for the SANS Institute.

Moses Hernandez's Background

Moses Hernandez's Experience

IT Security at TLO

August 2009 - November 2011 | Boca Raton Florida

All things Security.

IT Architect at Broward Health Systems

July 2006 - August 2009 | Fort Lauderdale

All things Networking.

Moses Hernandez's Interests & Activities

Linux, DevOps, Cisco, Networking, Music, Automotibles, BioTech, Science, Forensics, Technology, Information Security, Penetration Testing, MetaSploit, Debuggers, Memory Forensics, Python, Ruby, Chef, SANS

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